The scope filter logo with tagline Visual design without the noise. The logo is of a smiling blue telescopefish head in profile view. It has large tubular eyes.


Hello!👋 I go by scope filter and I am a graphic designer with a background in psychology and neuroscience research.

I enjoy doing deep dives to develop unique visuals.🐟 My strengths are digital illustration and vector graphics.

I see the design process as generating ideas then filtering the noise to focus the design.

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A smiling telescopefish. It has tubular eyes, long ribbon-like fins, and a slender body.


15 Jan: New design added, a Neurofunk Album Cover with a Industrial Gothic visual style.

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12-Dec-2022 The Design Exhibition

This blog post shares designer work from the Diploma student's end of year exhibition and messages from the physical guestbook I set out.

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