The scope filter logo with tagline Visual design without the noise. The logo is of a smiling blue telescopefish head in profile view. It has large tubular eyes.


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Anonymous 29 Nov 2022 Rhiannon!!!!!! Can't wait to see more of your designs!!!
Adelle 26 Nov 2022 Rhiannon! Hello!! This guest book looks awesome!! Great work! I can't wait to see everything all together, it's going to be so epic!! I'm so excited!
scope filter 26 Nov 2022 This is a test to see how comments appear when posted. I first learned about static HTML comment boxes from which uses a webhook and Javascript to send guestbook comments to a Discord channel which can later be manually uploaded.
A smiling telescopefish. It has tubular eyes, long ribbon-like fins, and a slender body.

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