The scope filter logo with tagline Visual design without the noise. The logo is of a smiling blue telescopefish head in profile view. It has large tubular eyes.

Announcements Archive

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12 Dec: Added a blog post about the recent Design Exhibition.


28 Nov: Added the Micro Bank Mobile App UI/UX to the Portfolio.

26 Nov: Added a guestbook! Leave a message if you like.

11 Nov: Added some design process blog posts.

05 Nov: Added some new designs to the portfolio page.


23 Oct: Added a blog page and a dropdown menu for the navigation bar. Added fish vector graphics.


28 Sep: The Portfolio and About pages have been updated.

24 Sep: Most pages are set up. Images will be uploaded in the next update.

22 Sep: New announcements section! Home page made and testing on mobile. New updates coming soon.

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