The scope filter logo with tagline Visual design without the noise. The logo is of a smiling blue telescopefish head in profile view. It has large tubular eyes.
A mockup of postcards placed over a light wood table. The back of the postcard is in the center with 4 illustration fronts arranged around it.
The back cover features a rectangular illustration along the top of industrial buildings in black and white.

The first front cover features stylised wind turbines drawn on a slant. The image is white for the turbines and sky blue for the background. An industrial segmented numeral 9 is on one of the poles.

The second front cover is the side of a multi-storey building from a low three-point perspective. An industrial segmented numeral A is on a wall and many solar panels cover the walls. The blue sky is visible to the left.

The third front cover is another side of a building with a stylised letter J with the sky visible above it.

The fourth front cover is another side of a building with a stylised letter C, this wall has a rounded corner and the sky is visible above it.
The artwork has the same style as the first mockup, except the angle is isometric and there are ten postcards on the table instead of four. They have different visual angles looking at different parts of an industrial building with solar panels on it and letters as signage.
The postcard back with an area for a stamp in the top right 'Affix stamp here', four dotted lines for the address underneath, a thick black divider between the left and right sides. The top is a strip of black and white illustration and there is a quote at the bottom of the left side: The Future is only dark from the outside. Leap into it - and it EXPLODES with Light. Aphorisms to Futurism, Mina Loy | Designed by Rhiannon Jeans.

Vectorheart Postcards

Vectorheart is a design movement from the early 2000s with a focus on industrial imagery, flat vector graphics, and lineart. These postcards were designed to give an illustrative element to the letters I made for 36 Days of Type.


The Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute [Website] observes that some key elements of vectorheart design includes futuristic shapes, swiss composition, and utilitarian design. To make the composition more dynamic I used three-point perspective to create slanted lines and put the focus on the bright blue sky to convey a sense of optimism.

For the letterforms, I chose to do a Futurist sans-serif and geometric typeface which has segments and modules. The black shape as the crossbar of the A is inspired by a plant cell under a microscope containing chlorophyll.🍃 This thematically links with the renewable energy theme.

Tools used include Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign.

A postcard with an illustration of wind turbines against a blue sky.
A postcard with an illustration of a building wall with solar panels on it with the blue sky behind it.
A variation of the previous postcard.
All the letters from the 36 days of type experiment. The letters are black and white vectors in uppercase. They have a geometric and modular design.

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