The scope filter logo with tagline Visual design without the noise. The logo is of a smiling blue telescopefish head in profile view. It has large tubular eyes.
A psychedelic movie poster. It features the two main characters of the film, a boxer and his wife sitting facing away from each other on opposite sites of a giant sunflower. 
The sunflower and the figures are in grayscale except for the boxer's gloves in crimson. The wife is naked and sitting before a giant floating reptilian eye to represent suspicion. Large crimson flying dinosaurs screech and fly near the two figures. The title of the film 'Raging Bull' is written in teal across the wings of a dinosaur. 

The fine print of the film is at the bottom of the poster in white font with a Rated R warning at the bottom left and a United Artists logo at the bottom right.

Psychedelic Poster

I was randomly assigned the film Raging Bull (1980) [IMDB link] to design a poster in a way that represents a time period. I chose to focus on an illustrative psychedelic style to emphasise the distorted emotions in the film.


I focused on the psychological themes of the film such as marital breakdown and abuse. I aimed to convey the neglect, distress, suspicion, and growing emotional rift between the main characters portrayed by Robert De Niro and Cathy Moriarty.

A major influence on this design includes covers for the underground magazines the Chicago Seed and Gandalf's Garden (1960s-1970s).

Tools used include Clip Studio Paint and Adobe Illustrator.


This design has a Design Filter blog post featuring thumbnails and early sketches.

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