scope filter visual design without the noise
The album cover has an electric blue colour scheme. The view is down an empty subway tunnel. Giant floating irises are positioned facing the point of view. One has clock hands on it pointing to floating vector hour and minute markers, with a hand written font for the numbering. The other eye has lines across it like a subway map with marks for different stops. The stops are blurred out. Behind the large disembodied iris are clock gears and train tracks wrap around it in space and underneath the subway map lines. The title of the album is Temporal Parting Junction, with an hourglass logo with the text 'limbo comes naturally' in lowercase for the band name. The back cover has a close up on a disembodied iris with a ghostly clock hands over the top and the hour and minute marks wrapping around it. A large gear is behind the iris giving the impression of eyelashes. Behind the eye large black wires extend out toward a train track running diagonally. A subway line is overlaid over the top. Underneath the track are numbered 01 to 04 track names: Fire and Wire, Read and Remembered, Self and Defeated, Mirror and Worlds.

Neurofunk Album Cover

Temporal Parting Junction is a personal work inspired by meeting and parting between people (physical and spiritual) and crossroads. In neuroscience, the Temporoparietal Junction (TPJ) [Wikipedia] is a multi-sensory processing brain region and is associated with Out Of Body Experiences (OBEs).


The music genre is neurofunk [Wikipedia] which is a genre of electronic music that emerged during the late 1990s as a progression of techstep. The front and back covers use predominantly 3D modelled imagery and photo-manipulated images.

Major influences on the visual style include the films The Dark City (1998) [IMDB] and The Matrix (1999) [IMDB], with much of the imagery inspired by the game Anarchy Online (2001) [Wikipedia], particularly the Meta-Physicist class [AO Fandom].

Visual elements of Gen X Soft Club [CARI] (motion blur and the muted blue colour scheme) and Industrial Gothic [CARI] (dark machines and cabling) are incorporated in the design.

The tools used include Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, and Blender.

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