The scope filter logo with tagline Visual design without the noise. The logo is of a smiling blue telescopefish head in profile view. It has large tubular eyes.
A mockup of a vinyl case with album art on the cover. The artwork is a photo manipulation with a psychedelic blue and pink colour scheme. In the foreground above and below the viewpoint are crystallised purple coral. In the mid-ground is a blue ocean with giant white swan feathers landing gracefully on the water. Trails of floating foam and mist hover closeby. The background is a pink sky with white clouds.

In the top left is the album name written in a script font 'Plunged into Clouds' in white. In the bottom right is the band name written in pink with a scratchy irregular script, it reads: 'Lost Wave'. The artwork is a photomanipulation with a white, blue, and violet colour scheme. It is abstract and assymetric in composition. 

In the foreground, three white feathers float in an arc towards a spot light like an orb. Misty white clouds float over an invisible horizon. Ripples like water lead toward the horizon, white against a textured background.

The background has a grainy and rough texture in purple and blue. Purple facets crack open to reveal a lighter blue behind it. The overall composition features contrast in colours and texture between the foreground and background.

A lower and right black strip has a barcode, track listing, and credits. The text reads: SIDE A, 01. Sinking Reflections, 2. Sea Shadows. SIDE B, 03. Lightning Wings, 4. Beginning Flight. The credits are in lowercase font and read: all tracks written and produced by LOST WAVE. Recorded at haunted expanse records, brisbane 2022. Engineered by VOID OBSERVER, cover by RHIANNON JEANS, photography and artwork by RHIANNON JEANS.

Electronic Ambient Album Cover

I invented an electronic ambient band and album name to design this vinyl front and back cover.


The specific genre of this cover is experimental electronic ambient. This cover features heavy photo manipulation to create surreal and abstract imagery. The goal was to convey a journey from a psychologically dark place to a light one, using the metaphor of traveling from the ocean towards the sky.

Major influences on the visual style include The Future Sound of London [Discogs], Amorphous Androgynous [Discogs], and Tangerine Dream's Metaphor album [Discogs].

Tools used include Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.


This design has a Design Filter blog post featuring thumbnails and early sketches.

A close up of the front cover.
A close up of the back cover.

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