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The BSAF ad is an abstract scene in isometric perspective. Beside two painbrushes laid side by side is a blue and red striped wall with a checkered floor. A wall leads to a stack of cubes with a sliced spray can on top, dripping paint from the segments. It is spraying blue paint to the top of the design where the BSAF logo and festival dates are taped on in black and white. From the bottom to the top of the composition are a series of shapes floating in space. Blank canvases float in front of a giant paintbrush applying a strip of red paint across the background of the illustration. From behind the paint are the silouettes of a crowd, a spotlight hitting a wall, and black double headed arrows arranged vertically. The colours are a mix of black, white, yellow, purple, red, blue, and purple. Screentone dots are applied to the background, spotlight, and walls. Dripping paint drops are another element used to guide the eye along the vertical axis of the illustration.

Brisbane Street Art Festival Ad

The Brisbane Street Art Festival is held yearly to celebrate street and public art. As some street art originates in counter-culture and protest (e.g. graffiti) I chose to focus on a postmodern style for the poster.


Postmodern poster designs by April Greiman strongly influenced the visual style of this ad. Her use of bright colours, overlapping elements, and chaotic composition inspired me along with the isometric drawings of Rem Koolhaas and colleagues (Zoe Zenghelis, Elia Zenghelis, Madelon Vriesendorp).

I additionally focused on aesthetics and motifs from the BSAF website, the previous year's poster, and the YouTube trailer for ideas. The isometric style imagery appealed to me as it directly references 3-dimensional space which is a key factor in street art.

Tools used include Clip Studio Paint and Adobe Illustrator.


This design has a Design Filter blog post featuring thumbnails and early sketches.

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