The scope filter logo with tagline Visual design without the noise. The logo is of a smiling blue telescopefish head in profile view. It has large tubular eyes.
A mockup of the front and back covers of the Brisbane Canvas booklet. It is A5 in size with a bright yellow background colour, with flat graphics in black and white over the top, and black text overlaid over white shapes. The front cover shows a walking person from street signs heading to the left. On the left is a black arrow pointing out a white building silouette. A dotted path leads to the top of the page where a geo-marker indicator is next to a speech bubble that reads Brisbane Canvas. The Brisbane City Council logo is at the bottom left of the page. The back cover has the Brisbane City Council logo, social media icons, and website links on the left hand side. The right hand side has a large hand cursor dropping the person graphic who lands on the dotted path in front of canvas panels. A figure is walking toward them to meet at the street art.

Brisbane Canvas Booklet

Brisbane Canvas is a Brisbane City Council initiative to support the local arts sector by comissioning public artworks to decorate the city. This 20 page A5 booklet has saddle-stitched binding and was designed in Swiss or International Style.


The concept 'Just Walk' was to encourage readers of the booklet to visit the featured street art by walking. This was expressed through graphics inspired by signage (the colour of the pedestrian crossing sign) and elements that would remind you of using a navigation or GPS app such as dragging the character into street view and dots on the ground to show the GPS walk path.

The design has a limited colour palette and high contrast. The style was inspired by graphic designer Erik Spiekermann. The fonts used in the design are all FF fonts designed the FontFont foundry.

Tools used include Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.

Arts Funding in Australia

Although Brisbane Canvas is a good initiative, arts funding in Australia has decreased year after year. As written by Arts Hub, due to changed funding structures 65 previously funded organisations lost funding in 2016. As written by lecturer Karen Hands in the Conversation, federal funding for the arts sector in Australia has been in decline for decades. It would be great if more federal funding went towards supporting the arts sector.

Why not check out some of the street art of Brisbane Canvas?

The next mockup is of two pages, one is example previous artworks and the other is location maps. The previous artwork page has the hand cursor icon holding up the person graphic. A giant white arrow points to the next page. On the location map page, a list of locations is on the left in black text. The map has yellow geo-markers on it to indicate street art locations. The hand cursor carries the person graphic to the map, with lower opacity copies following it to indicate motion. Small white arrows in the background point toward the map to create motion..
The last mockup is a spread of Transport Options. The top third of the spread is dedicated to the heading text and a graphic of the walking street sign person heading toward a geo-marker on the ground where canvas panels are. The lower two thirds of the page has a transport timetable with recommendations for bus routes to get to the locations, followed by Translink's contact details..