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Graphic Design Services

This page outlines what graphic design services I offer, including pricing and my design process.

Design Strengths


An anglerfish.

Logos are symbols that represent your business or brand.

They are designed for print and screen applications and can be applied to collateral from business cards to social media accounts.


A jellyfish with others in the background.

Illustrations can be purely decorative or they can be used to communicate meaning through a design period, time, or place.

My strengths are in ink or flat digital graphics.

Vector Graphics and Icons

A teal and dark coloured squid.

Vector graphics (like .eps or .svg) stay crisp at many resolutions for mobile or web.

Icons and buttons help with website or app navigation.


Affordable prices for small business owners or hobbyists just getting started with developing their visual identity.

Custom quotes are available if you want something not listed here.

I just need a logo

Logos include a design with:

  • digital and print colour palette
  • multiple sizes and resolutions
  • vertical and horizontal versions
  • a one page style guide

Turn Around: 2-4 days

Cost: 116-226 AUD
+ a 3% flat processing fee

Does not include the cost of custom fonts or printed items.

Optional Add-Ons

I have a logo, now I need...

  • business cards
  • social media icons and banners
  • digital buttons or icons

Turn Around: 1-3 days each

Cost: 56-113 AUD each
+ a 3% flat processing fee

Does not include the cost of custom fonts or printed items.


Visual focused design like:

  • flyers or advertisements
  • web graphics
  • artwork for an album cover

Turn Around: 2-3 days minimum

Cost: 113 AUD minimum
+ a 3% flat processing fee

Does not include the cost of custom fonts or printed items.


All graphic design projects go through a design process, from project description, to research, to filtering options down to a single focused design.

1. Research

An anglerfish.

In addition to collecting information on your business, this includes researching visual styles, business competitors, market trends, and visual consulting.

2. Design

A lanternfish with many silouetted fish in the background.

At this step I will generate ideas for the design and consult with you on the best direction fitting with the image you are looking to project.

3. Production

A jellyfish swimming upwards.

Once you choose a design direction, it will be refined and finalised. You will receive the deliverables and any style guides if needed.

Any questions? I'm here to help. ☺️
Contact me to discuss your project.