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Find answers to these Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you provide quotes?

Absolutely. Contact me to get a free graphic design or web accessibility testing service quote.

If you choose to proceed with the quote, 50% upfront payment is required before any work can start on a project.

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept payments through Paypal, Stripe, or Square.

Credit cards can be accepted through one of these using domestic (AUD, preferred) or international currency.

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What is the difference between graphic design and illustration?

Graphic design usually involves creating graphics for business purposes, which have higher stakes than illustrations for commission which may be part of an already established project or for personal use.

For this reason, graphic design must be conducted carefully and using evidence to support the direction of the business. Using research to design around the business's niche is a good approach because you can have assurrance your design is communicating to the right audience.

Can you use this free resource in your design?

Free resources usually are not free for commercial purposes but for personal use only. The best way to be sure is to check the license associated with the resource, be it a photograph, graphic, illustration, or font file.

See the Resources page for links to free design resources.