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Design Filter: Postmodern Illustration

11 November 2022

You can read about the project and see the final outcome in my Portfolio.

This blog series, Design Filter, is to focus on my design process for a few projects. This includes showing process work like mind maps and thumbnails.

To develop this illustration, I first made observations in a mind map on the elements of design used in postmodern designs I wished to emulate, then notes on the imagery in the BSAF YouTube trailer, logo, and website. Once it was all on the page, I could consider combining elements together.

The mindmap is split into two sides, with one centered around the Brisbane Street Art Festival and the other on Postmodern Art.

The left and right sides considered the two different parts to the project. In developing the thumbnails which started as a sketch beneath the mind map, I combined elements from the left and right side.

There are four thumbnails. They are labeled vector, isometric, painted ideas, and audience for art. The first thumbnail has a chaotic composition and a paintbrush that moves around the layout painting text, cross hairs, and other elements like a spray can. The second thumbnail is closest to the final, and also has a chaotic composition but is isometric and focused on elements on a moving z axis. The third thumbnail has a silouette of a head in profile with an idea light bulb in their head with the text inside. A giant painbrush moves downward to reveal the name of the exhibit. The last thumbnail has a hand holding up a spray can which is revealing text and images in an arc.

The isometric composition which began on the mindmap page ended up being the strongest idea with the other thumbnails almost being diluted or more simplified versions of the same.

The draft was made in Clip Studio Paint which used an isometric grid and a vector pen, then was later imported to Adobe Illustrator for clean up and colouring. The vector drawing is in red, as I usually use black ink for the final layer and keep draft layers in colour.

The BSAF ad is an abstract scene in isometric perspective. The draft has many overlapping lines and stray points.

I was really pleased with the final outcome, so I hope you take a look at it in the Portfolio. If you would like to work with me, feel free to send me a message! 😊

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