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When I studied psychology and neuroscience, it was with a focus on visual perception.

My early experiences with digital accessibility were grappling with dark mode browser add ons and high contrast mode in Windows to help me read for long hours.

Studying how our brains process visual information has always interested me and influenced my interest in graphic design and web accessibility.

From Science to Design

I revisited illustration during my PhD and when I finished decided to pursue design more formally.

While studying, I learned web design and coding and became aware of some accessibility issues that affected me personally when browsing the web owing to a history of visual impairment, eye strain, and migraines.

With so much of our lives based online, it's really important to me that everybody can access the web freely.

Web Accessibility Testing

In 2023, I trained on how to test websites using both automated and manual checks to WCAG AA conformance, formally starting my journey into being a Web Accessibility Tester.

I am motivated by a desire to help make the internet a better place.

A jellyfish.


2023 Testing for Web Accessibility With Accessibility Insights Coursera
2022 Diploma of Graphic Design TAFE QLD
2021 PhD (Neuroscience) University of Queensland
2014 Honours (Psychology) Australian National University
2013 Bachelor of Science in Psychology Australian National University
A smiling telescopefish. It has tubular eyes, long ribbon-like fins, and a slender body.

Design Strengths

Research Informed Design

I excel at breaking down complex topics into understandable pieces.

My background in science shows I am good at critical thinking and problem solving which is a big part of design. I like a challenge and getting deep into a topic.

I use research to inform design and this leads to strong and unique outcomes.

A Digital Focus

I have coded websites with HTML/CSS (including this one!). A designer who has experience with the front and back end of web design is rare.

I enjoy designing for digital applications the most since it means anyone, anywhere, can access your design provided they have an internet connection.

Resume available by request (see Contact)